Doble Relay Testers Protects Vital Equipment

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Those of you who are considering using Doble testing systems must choose Doble 6150 for the three phased testing procedure that it follows. This electrical test equipment also comes with some advanced software for helping users with data analysis. With access to both historical as well as comparative data, company managers can make easy, cost effective, and strategic decisions for their companies.

The Doble ProTesT, a software database, is reported to have recorded one million test results from varying apparatuses connected through data systems. The software has also completed test on 900,000 transformers, bushing, circuit breakers as well as millions of tests on the laboratory oil. The database also offers crucial information which allows a better analysis of data along with efficient evaluation.

Frank engine’s artificial intelligence is used to extract information from tests database which in turn evaluates as well as analyses relevant data conveniently and with great ease. The FRANK engine has been named after Frank Doble, the founder of Doble. It accumulates information as users work on it, and with that accumulated information, it is easier to make decisions. With the use of Frank engine artificial intelligence, testing products become even more automatic and reliable. Today, testing has become easier with such revolutionary additions.