Doble Relay Test System – A Safe Testing Unit

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Relay instruments help various businesses identify the exact problems in electrical and mechanical relays. Doble testing devices are handy, rough, and easily transportable. They are used globally by test engineers to diagnose and fix problems in electrical and electronic systems. Doble relay devices help avert hazardous high voltage problems by acting as switches that lower the voltage to a secure point within the system.

Doble offers various trustworthy and precise relay test devices.  These devices help create test plans automatically and without any problem.

It is said to be the ultimate software for mechanized testing of single relays and the entire security system. The F6TesT offers automatic control of the device from a normal PC, thus making things much simpler. This feature benefits the power and adaptability of F6000 series of power system simulators. The well automated design of F6TesT lowers user interference, thus reducing the number of mistakes occurring due to manual handling. This further helps in bettering the accuracy of the tests.

F6350 Current/ Voltage Amplifier
The F6350 Amplifier helps in thorough testing of safety methods, safety relays, and control systems by regularly using a closed loop authentic time system.

Protection Suite
This software lets you to experiment relays and security system with full confidence and without any difficulty. Powerful, multipurpose, and easy to handle, this is the future of Doble OTC.