Doble Relay Test Sets Available for Short or Long Term Rental

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Doble relay equipment provides companies with the ability to accurately detect defects in mechanical and electrical relays. The role of this vital electrical component is critical in preventing dangerous high currents that can cause unsafe operation and potential injury to workers. Relays serve as switches to lower voltage to a safer level within systems. If it should fail, faults can also create failure within the entire electrical test equipment itself.

Through our commitment to providing our clients with reliable and accurate 
electrical test equipment, we offer several different models of Doble test equipment for relays. These include:

Single Phase Relay Test Set – F2253
This Doble model offers a single voltage source with three 150 amp modules. This tester simulates phase and logic signaling in order to determine the response of protection schemes. Testing capability includes simulation diagnostics for transient, steady state and dynamic.

Single Phase Relay Tester – F2500
This unit allows for more customizable options than the 2253. It also runs much quicker and offers the additional option of using the Doble F2010 controller for remote testing in tight spaces. The 2500 comes with an onboard timer for measurement of dropout or pickup times, and users appreciate the low noise, which allows for more accurate testing results.

Doble F2700 Relay Testing Set

An improved version of the 2500; theF2700 provides higher rates of accuracy along with a larger range of current testing. It will also handle testing of an assortment of meters and transducers. The system offers PC connection in order to download test results for data analysis and report generation. The included ProTest software offers users advanced analysis features along with the ability for remote testing.

Three Phase Relay Tester – F6150
This is the only 3 phase relay tester by Doble that we carry. It completely automates test procedures through the use of templates. Users receive more consistent results; however, they may also opt for manual tests using the included software. The 6150 offers complete flexibility so that relays may be tested in a range of .5 amps to 180 amps at full power. It also comes with PC interfacing using either an Ethernet or USB cable, and the tester is controllable directly from the PC for transient, steady or dynamic state testing.

Whichever model best fits your project, we’ve got it clean, calibrated and ready for delivery. Simply give us a call to request a rental quote or contact us through our online quote request page.