Doble Relay Test Set for Early Detection

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If you are not regularly checking your relays to ensure optimal operating performance, then you are taking a chance that the relays could be damaged or corroded. Over time and usage, carbon can form on relay contacts so checking them on a regular basis will help to keep the equipment running smoothly. Problems with the relays can create conditions ripe for electrical fires or even damage to other vital electrical systems. In order to maintain performance of electric equipment, a relay test set is the best choice for testing relay conditions.

The Doble test system
 that can help with early detection of faults is the Doble F2253. This single phase relay tester is built for running diagnostic simulations that are helpful due to their phasor and logic signal reproductions. The simulations can be ran on AC or DC currents with one of three 150 VA amplifier modules for circuit breakers, carriers and schemes.  Additionally Doble relay test sets provide proprietary software with the unit to help with productivity and testing performance quality.

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