Doble Relay for Users

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If you are looking for reliable equipment for relay testing purposes, you should check Doble testing equipment. Doble is a leading testing equipment company that offers its customers several kinds of relay testers meant for both single as well as multi phased relays.

These testers come with templates for testing configuration, which make testing an easy job. They also have features for PC connectivity for result analysis along with enhanced testing. It’s a feature that makes them highly popular for the purpose of testing.

Doble 6150 is a tester with the ability to test up to three phased relay system by using its test configurations. It can also test low powered relays along with high powered relays till 180 Amperes. Doble Test Set F2700 has the tools required to test transducers, meters and relays.

This tester would prove to be a good addition to any test equipment meant for Doble relay testing. Tester F2253 has several sources meant for current- DC and AC voltage- which also allow for test configurations to be customized. There are several companies present on the internet which provide these relay testers on hire to the testing agencies. All you need to do is contact one of these in order to get affordable prices and good services.