Doble Relay Equipment for Effective Testing

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Doble is a reputed name in the diagnostic testing industry. Doble relay testing equipment is extremely versatile and can be used to test all manners of relays and protection schemes. 

It is essential that relays are maintained in prime working conditions. This not only ensures electrical safety but also reduces any potential damages to devices. Performing a Doble test applies different current values to monitor and verify the proper operation of the relays.

One of the most well known test platforms is the Doble F6150. It is a total boxed solution used for testing the relay protection systems. Higher test power and greater software sophistication enable the simulation testing on all kinds of relays including ground fault relays, micro-controller based relays, and other electromechanical type relays. The F6150 is the ideal equipment to perform complicated relay testing. GOC relays are also a lot easier to test with the F6150 equipment due to its ability to supply higher amounts of power at lower currents to meet the device needs.