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Doble OTC – Used to Check Unwanted Elements in Dielectric Oil

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For the proper working of devices and machines, you may want to lubricate chips and other parts of the device using lubricants like oil.  However, the dielectric lubricant that you use must be high in quality. It is best to get this oil checked by a mechanic to see whether it has contaminants, dirt, and small particles that slow down the speed and efficiency of a device.  

Doble testing equipment is essential to trace dust, contaminants, and unwanted elements mixed in lubricant products. With better lubrication, your device will work longer. Doble OTC or oil test cell performs well to help engineers for testing the clarity of dielectric lubricant products. It measures the percentage and density of harmful elements in the oil.  To tell you the truth, consumers are getting good results by combining   OTC and M4100 to keep track of minuscule contaminants in oil.

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