Doble M4100 Power Analysis is Smart, Automated Test Equipment

Doble-M4100The Doble M4100 Power Analysis, together with the DTA Expert System Software, represent the new generation of smart, automated test equipment used to determine the condition of high voltage substation apparatus.

The Doble M4100 Power Analysis eliminates interference problems

The M4100 Power Analysis uses a patented technique called Line Frequency Modulation™, in which the measurement is made at a frequency above and below the system frequency. This method eliminates the effect of varying electrostatic interference. As a result, you get highly accurate and repeatable measurements, and even a small change in the measurement can be used reliably for diagnostic purposes.

Generates its own clean signal for the most reliable results

The accuracy of test results is directly related to the quality of the test signal. While most test instruments use available power lines or portable generators to generate the output test signal, the M4100 uses an internal waveform generator to produce its own precise sine wave test signal. As a result, the M4100 produces reliable results and stable readings – thus the quality of the power source is not an issue. 

Doble M4100 Power Analysis Technical Specifications

Power Specifications

Input Power: 95-264 VAC 47 to 63 Hz with no loss in performance when used with portable generators.

16 A max at 110 V
10 A max at 220 V

Output Voltage:

Range 0 to 12 kV

Output Power: 3k VA

Output Current: 100 mA continuous at 10 kV

200 mA > 30 minutes at 10 kV
300 mA > 4 minute at 10 kV

Output Frequency: 45 to 70 Hz

Resolution: 0.1 Hz


Measurement Range and Resolution:

Test Current:

Range: 0 to 5.0 A auto ranging

Resolution: 0.1 μA

Power Factor/Tan d:

Range: 0 to ±100.00% PF

0 to ±999.99% Tan d

Resolution: 0.01% (0.0001)


Range: 0 to 100 μF

Resolution: 0.01 pF


Range: 6H to 10MH

Resolution: 0.01 mH


Range: 0 to 2 kW, actual power

Resolution: 0.5 mW

OperatingTemperature: -20° to 50° C / -4° to 122° F

Dimensions 10.3 H x 20 W x 25.3 D (inch)

26 H x 50.8 W x 64.1 D (cm)

Weights 95 lb / 43 kg

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