Doble M4000/M4100 Provides Precise Power Analysis Results

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Doble-M4000The M4000/M4100 by Doble is a diagnostic test system that is designed to carry out power factor tests. The unit is a trusted instrument to evaluate the working of power devices– especially the ones that run on high load. It is a reliable and accurate device and provides precise results. The Doble M4000/M4100 Power Analysis is made to overcome all problems that commonly occur and disrupt the working of other testing devices.

The unit generates precise sine wave signals that are used for calculation purposes and highly accurate results are thus produced, and not only performs power analysis, but also carries out tan delta test and examination of excitation current and capacitance.

The Doble M4000/M4100 Power Analysis is able to perform these tests:

Power factor analysis to make sure that insulation integrity is maintained

Turns ratio testing for detection of winding damage or shorted turns

Capacitance test to measure any physical change that might harm the apparatus

Excitation current tests to make sure that transformer’s magnetizing current is optimal

Short circuit impedance testing to find any possible problems in winding

The M4000/M4100 comes with optional OTC, TTR capacitor, leakage reactance module, capacitor bank tester. The unit assesses the integrity of substation apparatus by measuring the tangent delta along with other values. Capacitance is measured to find physical changes.

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