Doble M4000/M4100 Offer Reliable Test Results and Diagnostics

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The Doble M4000/M4100 is the leading system for evaluating the condition of high voltage power apparatus. It sets the standard for accuracy, reliable test results, and intelligent diagnostics.

Companies that utilize power apparatus, have millions of dollars at stake. A transformer or bushing failure can cost lost time and revenue. Why take a chance?  Minimize your risks with a comprehensive testing program, using a comprehensive solution that can meet the challenge.

Doble M4000 The Doble M4000/M4100 provides you with the most informed interpretation of test results, and is the test system with the highest accuracy, reliable test results, and intelligent diagnostics. The Doble M4000/M4100 is a multi-purpose instrument that can perform a variety of tests and diagnostics on a wide range of power apparatus, ensuring that testing programs are a success. Doble’s superior interpretation of test results will allow you to make informed decisions with the highest level of confidence.

No other diagnostic system comes close to the Doble M4000/M4100 for testing valuable power apparatus.

Doble is one brand you can count on, and Protec offers all the testing equipment you need to get the job done.

Whatever your rental needs might be, one day or several months, Protec is here to help you complete the project, on time and within budget.