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Doble M4000 M4100 is a Trusted Power Factor, Tan-Delta Analyzer

Doble M4000 M4100 Power Factor Insulation AnalyzerThe Doble M4000 M4100 Power Factor Insulation Analyzer sets the standard for power apparatus and insulation testing.  

With its unique combination of test capabilities and artificial intelligence analysis software the M4000 M4100  is known in the industry as a highly trusted Power Factor/Tan-Delta instrument.

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The Doble M4000 M4100 Power Factor Insulation Analyzer can be utilized to perform the following tests: 

  • Power factor analysis to make sure that insulation integrity and quality is maintained 
  • Turns ratio testing for detection of winding damage or shorted turns 
  • Capacitance test to measure any physical change that might harm the apparatus 
  • Leakage reactance/short circuit impedance testing to evaluate winding deformation (with the optional Doble M4110 Leakage Reactance Module)
  • Excitation current tests to make sure that transformer’s magnetizing current is optimal 
  • Short circuit impedance testing to find any possible problems in winding
  • Capacitor bank testing to detect deteriorating or failed capacitors within a bank (with optional Doble M4140 Capacitor Bank Test Kit)
  • Easy and accurate testing with Doble Test Assistant (DTA) software
  • Source output voltages from 25V to 12kV (10kV continuous)

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