Doble F6150 – Optimal Solution for Protection Schemes

Doble_F6150When it comes to running complete simulation tests on your protection schemes and relays, the Doble F6150 Relay Testing System is the one of the optimal solutions. 

It is a sophisticated, flexible, and high power tool which meets all your needs. This technologically innovative device comes in a portable and field-rugged box. It is capable of testing the following effectively:

       • High-burden, single electromechanical ground / earth fault relay
       • Complete numerical multi-functional microprocessor protection schemes

In order to carry out these tests, the F6150 doesn’t require any extra tools. It can effectively carry out dynamic-state, transient, steady-state, and simulation tests. The tool also works with GPS (Global Positioning System) technique to run back-to-back protection scheme tests and to coordinate remotely positioned F6150s.

High power system simulation

To run complete simulations on different kinds of relay schemes (including electromechanical, microprocessor, or a combination), a tool is required that can produce high test power and offer flexible configurations for different types of tests.

The F6150 is the only tool in the electrical equipment testing industry that offers a highly efficient single-box solution. It can effectively carry out simulation tests of all the relay protection schemes out there. With the help of this innovative device, you can run multiple tests easily to verify if your relays are identifying signals correctly, communicating properly, and responding aptly to the power system events.

The F6150 is known for providing highly accurate test results and can be effectively used in calibration testing of energy metering applications and transducer, including meters with a 0.2 Class rating.

This technologically advanced electrical test equipment has the competence to carry out even the most difficult tests with ease that other normal instruments fail to run. As an example, the ground overcurrent relays are usually hard to test, because of high burden and low tap settings. Using several current ranges, F6150 provides high power at low current to overcome this challenge. Also, relay schemes like distance protection and overcurrent need testing at 20-30 times the secondary current value. The F6150 produces 180 A at 675 VA to fulfill practically all requirements of a high-current test.

Protection testing – Closing out the gaps

Conventional steady state testing can test only an individual part of a system. There is no way to know how the complete system acts under high power-system conditions. This results in misoperations and causes several uncertainties in performance.    

The F6150, along with transient satellite-synchronized testing offers close simulation to available true power conditions. The device provides a consistent and complete-scheme test which considerably reduces time utilized in testing and offers more reliable, accurate test results. With this tool, you can verify the settings, configuration, and proper operation of a protection scheme. Also, because the test outcome defines how a relay scheme works under real power-system settings, the output can be utilized to help assess future relay operations.

Doble F6150 Relay Testing System testing abilities include:

       • Electromechanical relays of high-impedance
       • Low-setting, high-burden electromechanical ground overcurrent relays
       • Relays of high-power ranging from 0.5 A-180 A
       • Transient simulation and Dynamic-state testing using twelve separately controlled sources
       • Back-to-back testing with synchronized GPS satellite, under the simulated power system settings
       • Everything from dynamic-state simulation testing to regular characteristic checks using a comprehensive software suite

Advantages and features of the Doble F6150 Relay Testing System:

       • Outstanding test flexibility
       • Hassle free usage
       • Sophisticated circuitry (includes power amplifiers and high-tech digital signal processing)
       • Automatic operation
       • Front panel display made of VFD or Vacuum Fluorescent Display
       • Field-rugged design – Offers uncompromised field performance
       • Convenient, lightweight, and easy to carry when you are on the go
       • Accurate meter testing – Offers highly accurate results for transducer and energy meter testing

If you want to get the Doble F6150 Relay Testing System, but are worried about its cost, you can get it on rent from our electrical test equipment rental catalog.

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