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Doble F6150 Offers Exceptional Relay Test Flexibility

Doble_F6150.jpgThe testing of high impedance electromechanical relays is a challenge for any test instrument. This is especially true if an over-current electromechanical relay is being used to detect ground or earth faults, one of the most critical and sensitive protections in the system. The ground over-current relays are relied on the most when everything else fails to detect a high resistance fault in the system, therefore it is vital to ensure that the ground over current relays are working correctly.

The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System has the power to test ground over-current relays correctly, and offers several options for expansion, so it can be configured to fit your needs exactly.

Features and Benefits of the Doble F6150 

Exceptional test flexibility
Six independently controlled, direct-coupled sources, each rated 150 VA at 0–30 A, provide more than 100 user-selectable test configurations to match any test requirement. Each source can be configured as two independent 75 VA sources, for a total of 12. This configuration is used for back-to-back testing of a complete line protection scheme.

Easy to use
Operates from a PC interface (Ethernet, serial, or external wireless adapter communication) for steady-state, dynamic-state, and transient testing. All sources are controlled from the PC for easy configuration of each test.

Advanced circuitry
Built with state-of-the-art digital signal processing and power amplifiers.

Automated operation
Automated procedures and standard test templates save time and ensure consistent test methods.

Front panel display
The vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) indicates active voltage/current amplitudes and phase values during testing.

Field-rugged design
Rugged construction and proven state of-the-art design provide laboratory accuracy with uncompromised field performance.

Lightweight and portable.
At 38 lb (17 kg), the F6150 is the only single-box solution capable of delivering high power with flexible test configurations.

Accurate meter testing
Provides high-precision measurements for energy meter and transducer testing.

A database of test results that grows with you
The F6150 software suite includes powerful database capability that lets you build your knowledge of protection schemes over time. You can compare present with past results, track protection scheme performance over time, even evaluate the impact of proposed design changes to your grid and protection relays.

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