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Doble F6150 3-Phase Relay Test Set Offers a Single Box Solution for Relay Testing

Doble_F6150The F6150 from Doble is one of the most advanced relay testers on the market. You’ll be confident that the test results are accurate because it has flexible test options, high current output and sophisticated analysis software.

This single box 
relay test set offers simulation testing on all protective relay schemes. You can conduct various relay tests like if the relay is responding properly on power changes, if it receives the signal properly or if it is communicating properly. It can even run diagnostics on relays that are difficult to test like ground over current relays. The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System can meet this challenge using high power at low currents. This relay tester also allows synchronized satellite transient testing. This lets you determine the whole condition of the electrical system and not just the individual electrical components. You can hook it up to a computer through serial, Ethernet or an optional wireless adapter for easy remote controlled testing and transfer of results.

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