Doble Electrical Test Equipment Rental Services

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Doble has been synonymous with world-class services in testing related to electrical power generation, conduction, and distribution. Doble testing is the force behind the smooth electrical power that you enjoy. The M4100 from Doble is the finest international power diagnostic tool and is a leading agent in insulation testing services. It has all the necessary hardware and software to make electrical power testing goals achievable for you and it is also available on rent throughelectrical testing equipment rental services.

The Doble M4100 is commonly referred to as the best in the industry in terms of its Power Factor/Tan Delta testing capabilities. A Doble test is another name for accuracy, all-inclusive testing parameters, and device safety management. The M4100 is a global phenomenon in power factor testing and is one of the most reliable testing tools from Doble.

Features of Doble M4100 4th Generation Insulation Analyzer:

The testing tool, M4100 has some remarkable features that combine to form a formidable power factor and insulation testing tool. These are:

  1.      It follows industry standards in high voltage (12 kV) Power Factor tests.
  2.      It can work smoothly even in high signal interference areas due to an inbuilt Line Frequency Modulation Technology.
  3.      Self-generated Sine Wave signals ensure that test results are precise and reliable.
  4.      The Doble test tool measures Power Factor/Tan-Delta readings, excitation current and capacitance. It produces an output current, 300mA, at 10kV to replicate exact working conditions.
  5.      It is open to high degree upgradation. Optional attachments include Type C Resonator, Oil Test Battery, M4100 TTR Capacitor, M4140 Capacitor Bank Tester and M4140 Leakage unit.

All these make this testing tool a must-have equipment. You can increase the shelf life of the M4100 before, during, and after test cycles so that you can have reliable test results every time. However, it is also possible to use a Doble M4100 without buying it. Electrical test equipment rental services lease out many such test kits at affordable rates. Let the rental service providers manage the delivery of the test sets to your doorstep and the return when your testing is complete.