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Doble 6150 – The Ultimate Testing Tool

Doble_F6150.jpgThe Doble F6150 Relay Testing System is equipped with the latest technology and innovative features for power testing that makes it an ideal choice for carrying out various power stimulation tests. It is used for detecting faults in earth cabling and the best part of this equipment is the fact that it is GPS compatible. It has protection solutions for microprocessors. The power of this device increases substantially if you connect it with your computer via USB port or Ethernet. It is an ultimate testing device with great functionality and unmatched quality.

The Doble OTC Oil Test Cell helps you in accessing the quality and purity of the insulation oil that plays a pivotal role in keeping your equipment in excellent working condition. The impurities and the contaminants in dielectric oils compromise the insulating capacity and can ultimately lead to equipment failure. Hence, testing the oils on a regular basis is a good practice.

Doble Engineering is a trusted name in electric power industry. Doble testing equipment accurately assesses the condition of electrical apparatus and help in optimizing system performance. The company specializes in insulation analysis, circuit breaker analysis, continuous on-line diagnostics, oil or materials analysis, surge arresters diagnostics, protection diagnostics, partial charge detection a
nd transformer diagnostics. Depending upon your needs, choose the right type of electrical test equipment.

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