Doble 6150 – The Best Simulator for Power Systems

Doble_F6150.jpgThere are many types of relays and protection schemes that are used in electrical facilities. For testing all devices, including electromechanical, microprocessor, or a mix of such units, you require an instrument that is capable of generating high power during testing which also has flexible configurations to accommodate the different needs of different test. With the Doble F6150 Relay Testing System, you can do all this and much more.

The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System provides a complete solution to all your protection testing needs. Its power rating is high and it also has flexible configurations. With this device you can perform a series of tests and find out the effectiveness of your protection schemes and relays, and make sure that the signals are being correctly detected, communication is being correctly carried out, and the response to power events is appropriate. Moreover, as the F6150 Relay Testing System has highly accurate output, it can be applied for calibration testing of energy metering and transducer applications, including the meters that have a 0.2 Class rating.

Conventional steady state tests are only capable of testing each component of the system individually and hence it becomes very difficult to predict the behavior of the entire system when subjected to true power system events. This results in performance uncertainties and could be the cause of mis-operations.

The most precise simulation of real power conditions can be achieved with only the satellite synchronized testing of F6150. You get a uniform and comprehensive scheme test which reduces the testing time significantly and helps you achieve results that are more reliable and accurate than others. You can easily confirm the correct operation, settings and configuration of your relay or protection scheme. You can also use the test data to evaluate future protection scheme or relay operations as the test results are an indicator of the protection scheme’s behavior under real power conditions.

The F6150 comes packed with many exciting features and benefits. It is the only device to perform great test flexibility that allows you to test all sorts of relays and protection schemes. It has 6 independently controlled as well as direct coupled power sources each of which has a 150VA rating at 0-30A. With these, you are provided almost 100 test configurations to select from, to suit the requirements of any protection scheme or relay. You can test a complete line relay or protection scheme back to back by configuring each source as 2 independent 75VA power sources, to reach total 12.

The F6150 can be operated through a PC interface which could be serial or Ethernet so that you can get dynamic and steady state as well as transient testing.  You can control all the sources straight from the PC and easily configure each test. This makes the testing process very easy and simple.

Equipped with top-notch power amplifiers and digital signal processing, this is the best power system simulator. Additionally, most of its procedures are automated and hosts of standard test templates are provided that help in making test methods more consistent. The VFD or vacuum fluorescent display shows the active current or voltage amplitudes as well as phase values while testing. It is portable as well as rugged for great field performance.  It also provides highly precise measurements for transducer and energy meter testing.

The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System is the best electrical test equipment available for testing protection relays and schemes. If you want the best for your relays you should get an F6150 today. In case you want to try out the device before buying it, you can take benefit of our awesome electrical test equipment rental services. We sell, rent and lease electrical test equipment. Contact us at 1-866-352-5550 or 972.352.5550 to learn more.

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