Doble 6150 – Solution For Protective Testing

Doble_F6150.jpgTesting of electrical equipment has become even more important as people have started depending on electric and electronic equipment for their everyday needs. The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System offer similar technology which is extremely reliable for simulation testing.

If your project needs electromechanical earth-ground relay testing or micro-processor relays, the F6150 can handle all tests form single to portable units. This Doble testing equipment also makes use of GPS technology in order to synchronize with other F6150s located in remotes area to ensure high performance scheme testing. It allows your testing devices to stay synchronized with each other, so when you update data on one device, others get updated automatically.

High power and configuration flexibility are key characteristics which provide solutions to relay schemes for protective testing. This electrical test equipment is used for detection of relay signals along with energy meters and tests of transducer calibration.

It comes with a software tool which is coupled with the F6150, offering the facility of database storage. It enables users to track test data to monitor performance benchmarks.

If you wish to try this test device before purchasing it, renting is a good option. This way you can try out the unit before spending money on a brand new device.

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