Doble 6150 for Rugged Power

Doble_F6150If you want to test protection schemes, you need high power. Since most people look for sophistication and flexibility to run their simulation tests perfectly, they need special electrical test equipment. The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System is used for testing protection relays and schemes, and is capable of performing both simple through the most complex tests. This allows you to run comprehensive tests using just one test unit without having to carry multiple tools in the field.

Doble testing is pretty simple, and most field techies love the portability that this power simulator offers in a dynamic and transient state. It is a reliable instrument and its abilities increase significantly when it is hooked to a computer via a USB port or an Ethernet dock.

You can try the Doble relay test unit and troubleshoot your relays without any problem. With its abilities, it is probably the best unit for preventive maintenance. It tests all types of relay- from low powered devices to complex microprocessor based electronic units.

The device’s ability to regularly test for defects to make sure that operations are carried out reliably and safely makes it the perfect fit for all relay testing needs. It is the only power simulator that offers flexibility, sophistication, and high power output.

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