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Doble 6150 For High Power Testing

Doble_F6150.jpgWhen it comes to testing electrical devices, nothing works better than a high power testing unit. The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System is the ideal testing protection device that is highly efficient in carrying out an entire range of simulation testing on a lot of relays and schemes. When you are using Doble testing equipment for testing, you can rest assured of carrying out all comprehensive testing schemes by using a single device. So the hassle of using multiple devices on the field is completely ruled out, making the whole testing process more efficient and time saving.        

This highly powerful testing device provides you with an ultimate option for testing all ground faults and vast spectrum of earth cabling. It also offers protection solutions for your microprocessors. This power simulator provides you with the best rugged portability in the field of electrical equipment. It is one of the most flexible simulators around, especially for dynamic and transient states. And to top it all, its onboard GPS capability and the ability to work as one unit in synchronization when attached with another remote Doble F6150 is simply unbelievable. The power of this device increases multiple times when attached via USB port or Ethernet dock to the computer.  

You can check out the capacity of the Doble F6150 by trying out a long or short rental program which will enable you to experience the flexibility and high power utility of unit before you buy.   

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