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Doble 6150 for High Impedance Testing


The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System is an ultimate solution provided by Doble industries for testing high-impedance electromechanical relays. Normal instruments that run full simulations on relay schemes face problems due to low tap settings and high burden, and almost fail to detect a high-resistance fault.

As it is endowed with high power, flexible configuration and advanced software, it allows a testing engineer to run a full simulation test on all types of relays and protection schemes. Is also includes heavy burden electro-mechanical ground relay faults and multi- functional microprocessor testing schemes with no need for an extra instrument.

Traditional testing methods include testing of individual component of a system, which cannot determine the behavior of the entire system under high power conditions, as the result leads to malfunctioning of the entire system. 

The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System overcomes this hurdle with GPS synchronization at a standard GPS frequency of 1575.42 MHz with which it can conjoin with its neighboring devices to test the whole system at a time. As it posses advanced software, it runs a number of tests at a time and provides more accurate and reliable test results. It also helps in comparing results over time.

The Doble F6150 is available for rent at economical rates. Contact us now to learn more about 
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