Doble 6150 – A Robust Device with Comprehensive Software

Doble_F6150The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System is a reliable testing device that has high power and is very flexible. It is supported by highly sophisticated software that aids in running protection scheme tests and relay testing.

The comprehensive software suite, designed especially for the Doble F6150, makes it extremely easy for the testing engineers to carry out tests such as those for dynamic state simulation and routine characteristic checks.

Control Panel of Doble F6150 Software

The virtual front panel of F6150 software offers easy controls for all sources, outputs, inputs, and timers. With the help of the control panel, quick tests of protection schemes can be performed without the need of running a detailed test plan.

F6Test – Preconfigured Templates

This module of the F6150 software suite offers preconfigured graphical templates meant for automatic testing. These have point-and-click user interface and easy controls for testing current, voltage, impedance, and frequency relays.

ProTesT – Automatic bespoke testing of protection schemes

The software module of this electrical test equipment helps with the dynamic state, transient, and steady state testing for protection schemes and relays. It offers reporting capabilities and a powerful database.

Metering Control Panel and Transducer

This visual interface of this Doble test device allows the users to carry out performance verification tests quickly on transducers and meters.

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