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Doble 6150: A Power System Simulator

Doble_F6150Doble F6150 Relay Testing System can be used effectively to generate simulation testing for all types of relay schemes by providing highly flexible configurations and generating high power tests. Doble relay testing analyzes everything i.e. electromechanical devices, microprocessors, and a mix of both.

This device boasts of an advanced circuitry built using the best power amplifiers and digital signal processing units, a vacuum fluorescent display which gives out active current/voltage amplitudes & phase values during tests. It is controlled using powerful PC operated software and its satellite synced transient testing gives you a simulation that is the closest to the real power condition.

The Doble Oil Test Cell or the Doble OTC can effectively help in increasing the shelf life of other devices. It can track, monitor, and tell you the levels of dust, rust, moisture or acid in your units, thus giving you the ability to save the oil inside from getting contaminated. Samples can be taken using the OTC and they can be test run in various high voltage scenarios including breakdown voltage and capacitance. It’s important to keep a check on oil, because as the oil gets contaminated to a higher ratio of impurities, they begin to fail in insulating electrical components and can thus be risky for workers as well as machines.

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