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Doble 6150 – A Device that Meets Your Entire Protection Scheme Needs

Doble_F6150The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System is an innovative and a highly accurate device designed for running complete simulation tests on protection schemes and relays. This tool boasts of being the only instrument that is flexible, has high power, and sophisticated software.

This advanced electrical test equipment comes packed in a field-rugged, single, handy box. It is capable of testing modern, complete, and multi-function microprocessor protection schemes to single, electromechanical ground / earth fault relay with high-burden, without any requirement for supplementary instruments.

The device can carry out dynamic-state, steady-state, and transitory simulation tests. The Doble F6150 can also be used for back-to-back protection scheme tests with the help of the Global Positioning System to coordinate remotely located F6150 instruments.

Advantages of Doble F6150

The beneficial features of F6150 include:

  • Outstanding test flexibility
  • Hassle-free usage
  • Sophisticated circuitry
  • Automatic functioning
  • Front panel display
  • Avant-garde field-rugged design
  • High-precision meter testing
  • Portable and lightweight

Testing abilities of this exceptional Doble testing device are as follows:

  • Electromechanical relays with high-impedance
  • Electromechanical low-setting, high-burden ground/ earth overcurrent relays
  • High-power relays ranging between 0.5 A and 180 A
  • Transient and dynamic-state simulation tests using twelve autonomously controlled sources
  • Back-to-back testing with GPS satellite synchronization, under simulated power conditions

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