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DLRO Test: Measure Low Resistance

Megger DLRO10HD 10A Digital Low Resistance OhmmeterThe ultimate solution to the problem of measuring extremely low values of resistance is the Megger DLRO. DLRO stands for digital low resistance ohmmeter which is capable of measuring resistance as low as 0.1 micro ohms. Megger is considered to be one of the market leaders in electrical test equipment. The DLRO test kit offered by Megger is extremely easy to use and provides consistent, precise, and accurate results.

Megger DLRO10HD 10A Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter and Megger DLRO 10X Digital Microhmmeter are two automatic devices that allow the user to get results in just three seconds.

They also have a safety feature of limiting power to 250mW in order to prevent test apparatus from heating up. The durable fuse of the device is protected against voltage values as high as 600V. It also displays a warning if the voltage across the terminals is higher than the permissible value. It can generate visible warning if it detects current flowing in the test model. This easy to use device can be operated via multiple modes apart from fully automated one. The advanced DLRO 10X comes with an added feature of selecting minimum and maximum power depending on the user’s requirements.

The Megger DLRO is easily available in the market but if you are a cost conscious user, you may contact us for electrical test equipment rental at reasonable prices.

Megger DLRO10HD 10A Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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