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DLRO Test for Circuit Breakers

Megger DLRO10HD 10A Digital Low Resistance OhmmeterWith the continuous evolution in all industries, everything has become more dependent on electrical devices and systems. This increasing dependence calls for certain steps to ensure reliable and consistent functioning of the devices. This is why most companies carry out regular testing and diagnosis of electrical devices and systems using high quality, efficient, and reliable electrical test equipment.

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A circuit breaker is an important component of the electrical system which is used to interrupt the current if, and when a fault were to occur. If the circuit breaker fails to interrupt fault current in an overload condition, the entire system can suffer severe damage as a result. Thus, regular diagnosis of circuit breakers is very important.

After several usage cycles, the circuit breakers can begin to develop pitting or develop a conductive residue on the contact surfaces. Although circuit breaker technologies as well as maintenance practices continue to change and to evolve, that may not be sufficient. The amount of carbon deposit on the contacts can be estimated by measuring the resistance between contact surfaces. Testing with a DLRO can be used to verify if low resistance readings are within the technical specification of the manufacturer, or industry standards. The other electrical and mechanical problems can be diagnosed by using addition test equipment to verify the health of insulation and electrical operational characteristics of the circuit breaker.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published May, 2013 and has been updated freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.