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DLRO (Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter) 10 and DLRO 10X are known names in the electrical test equipment industry that can effectively measure low resistance. These automated tools can measure resistance ranging between 0.1 μ Ω and 2000 Ω using appropriate test current equal to 10A D.C.

Anatomy and Working

DLRO 10X is a flexible testing tool that allows its users to control the measuring process as desired. It comes with a 2-axis paddle controlled menu system, which can help in the manual selection of the maximum test current. Also, the test results can be downloaded in real time and stored in the device and transferred to a PC later.

Both DLRO 10 and DLRO 10X come packed in a lightweight yet sturdy case that can be conveniently used in the field as well as in the laboratory. These light devices can even be worn around your neck and used in very small areas.

The DLRO 10 has a bright and large LED display of 4 1/2 -digit while the DLRO 10X comes with a backlit, large LCD display.

Usually, measurements in these devices are carried out using reverse/ forward currents to cancel out the effects of standing voltages, if any, across a test sample. Upon measurement, within 3 seconds, the average value is displayed to a basic precision of 0.2%. The DLRO 10X shows both reverse and forward measurements along with the average value of the two. Also, this testing tool lets you set low and high pass limits, thus allowing go-no-go testing. Upon completion of a test, it will save the test results, along with any notes related to the test.

DLRO 10 and 10X Digital Microhmmeter are powered by NiMH or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. One advantage is that the battery packs can be interchanged which allows you to recharge one battery while the other is used in continuing the testing process. Normally, complete charging takes around 4 hours, however, the battery can be charged up to 90% within 2.5 hours using the fast charge mode.


There is an industry-wide requirement for precise low resistance measurement tools. Classic applications include carrying out D.C. low resistance measurements of the following:

  •        Cable joints and bus bar connections
  •        Contact and switch breaker resistance
  •        Reliability of welded joints
  •        Static control circuits and aircraft frame bonds
  •        Resistive component quality control
  •        Inter-cell connections or links on battery systems, equaling 600 V peak
  •        Motor winding and transformer resistance
  •        Graphite electrodes
  •        Metal alloys, fuse resistance and welds
  •        Lightning conductor and transmitter aerial bonding
  •        Cable and wire resistance

Advantages and features

Some of the benefits and characteristics of the two digital microhmmeters include:

  •        Lightweight, small, and handy – Using these devices, testing can be carried out in tight places. This avoids the need for two person operation and extra long leads.
  •        4 terminal resistance method calculates the real resistance of the item being tested.
  •        LCD (DLRO 10X) and Bright LED (DLRO 10) displays are clearly visible under any sort of lighting condition, which reduces human error.
  •        Automatically applies reverse and forward currents which annul any standing voltages in the sample being tested.
  •        Checks for excessive noise during resistance measurement, which reduces the risk of recording any inaccurate result.

Measurement modes:

There are several measurement modes available, both on the DLRO 10 and DLRO 10X. With version V2.0 firmware  the following modes are active on the 2 devices:

  •        Normal mode
  •        Continuous mode
  •        Auto mode
  •        Inductive mode
  •        Unidirectional mode

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