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DLRO 10 and DLRO 10X – Applications and Features

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When it comes to effectively measuring low resistance, you can trust Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters, namely, DLRO 10 and DLRO 10X. These two devices have lately gained popularity as highly accurate and effective electrical test equipment.

Resistance values ranging from 0.1 μ Ω to 2000 Ω can be accurately measured using these two automatic microhmmeters.

Let’s discuss the applications and features of these powerful testing tools.


Low resistance D.C. measurements can be carried out on the following using DLRO 10 and 10X:

  •        Bus bar connections
  •        Rail pipe bonds
  •        Wire resistance
  •        Fuse resistance
  •        Graphite electrodes
  •        Static control circuits
  •        Transmitter aerial bonding and more

The major features of the two microhmmeters are listed below:

  1.      The DLRO 10 and 10X are lightweight, small in size, and easy to carry. Even in remote places, tests can be easily carried out using these digital low resistance ohmmeters. They are easy to use and a single person can perform all the required tests. 
  2.      The 4 resistance method used in these tools is capable of accurately calculating the real resistance of any item being tested.
  3.      The Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter‘s display screens can be easily seen even in low lighting, thus reducing human error in calculations.

These are just a few of the features of Megger test equipment which make them desirable testing tools.