Dielectric Strength Testing with the High Voltage PTS-200 DC Hipot Tester

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Testing dielectric strength is done by conducting a high potential stress test. It is done by passing a high potential through the conductor and waiting if the test sample will be able to hold the current or fail. Bad insulators usually don’t show obvious physical signs of damages. Bad insulators only appear when a high voltage above its rating is applied.

The High Voltage PTS-200 is a 
DC hipot that has a variable output voltage of up to 200 kilo Volts. It also has an integrated megohmmeter which effectively reduces the need for a separate device. It has a current meter that measures leakage currents from 0-1 microampere with a resolution of 10 nanoamperes. Its line input is regulated which is stable at ± 1% even if the main line changes by ± 10% making it ideal for use with field generators. This device is manufactured to be reliable and tolerate harsh environments making it suitable for field testing. It has all the features needed to conduct tests on electrical components. 

If you need to carry out DC hipot tests, then the High Voltage PTS-200 is the ideal test device for you. This is available for rent through Protec Equipment Resources. We also offer other high voltage equipment that will suit your needs. Give us a call to learn more about our test equipment rentaloffers.