Dielectric Absorption and Stepvoltage Testing with Megger 210415 Megohmmeter

 Megger 210415The portable Megger 210415 High Voltage Megohmmeter measures the electrical quantities of applied voltage and resistance of the apparatus to which it is connected.

Designed for field or shop use, the Megger 210415 High Voltage Megohmmeter is housed in a rugged case that includes a sturdy protective lid and carrying strap. For safety in operation, the control panel of the Megohmmeter is of grounded metal.

The Megger 210415 consists of a variable dc power supply with metering of the output voltage and current passing between the high voltage output terminal and ground.

Megger 210415 High Voltage Megohmmeter applications:

• Suitable for dielectric absorption and stepvoltage testing.

• Provides direct reading measurements up to 100,000 MΩ at 5 kV and up to 200,000 MΩ at 10 kV, with a multiplying factor for all other voltages up to 15 kV.

• Features an internal voltage stabilizer that may be activated for improved measurement under extreme field conditions. Separate on/off controls are provided for power and high voltage, and a red light indicates when high voltage is on.

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