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Diagnostics Tests Done to Spot Battery Problems

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Substations often keep backup batteries so there would be a ready source of power during power outages or maintenance routines. However, there are times that the life span of the cells are shorter than expected. Most will opt to replace the whole battery but it would be more efficient to determine what’s causing the problem and repair it.

If you suspect a faulty battery component is starting to degrade, you can repair the part to correct the problem. This is significantly cheaper than buying a new one. 
Battery testing equipmentassesses the condition of the battery by applying an AC voltage and measuring its impedance. This method helps determine the plate and electrolyte condition. Increased impedance means changes in the chemical composition of the electrolyte and degradation. 

Another test you can conduct in a battery is resistance measurements of the battery straps. Sometimes vibration or thermal expansion causes the connections to weaken. You can use an Ohmmeter to test for continuity but it would be better to test the soldered joints using a DLRO. A high resistance reading usually indicates corrosion or weakened joints.

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