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Determining the Reliability of Protective Devices

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Circuit breakers are protective devices that need the utmost attention in order to prevent unwanted accidents from happening. Neglecting maintenance of these devices can cause electrical fires, short circuits, and overloads. A tool used in testing their effectiveness is a circuit breaker timer. It is used to measure the response time of the contacts to overloaded conditions in the power line. A power interrupter should be quick enough to be able to protect the power system.

There are a lot of manufacturers that claim to offer reliable circuit breaker testers but only a few have proven their claims. A lot of professionals like electricians, technicians and engineers trust
Vanguard test equipment in circuit breaker testing. One of its popular models is the DIGITMR that offers simultaneous contact testing of power interrupters which effectively shortens testing time. It is also manufactured with durable materials to be able to tolerate rough handling. This ensures reliable operation that lasts.

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