Determine the Health of Lead-Acid Batteries with Megger BITE Series

Batteries are used to ensure that critical electrical equipment is always on. There are so many places where batteries are used – it is nearly impossible to list them all. Some of the applications for batteries include:

▪ Electric generating stations and substations for protection and control of switches and relays

▪ Telephone systems to support phone service, especially emergency services

▪ Industrial applications for protection and control

▪ Back up of computers, especially financial data and information

▪ “Less critical” business information systems

Consider the BITE series of Battery Impedance Test Sets from Megger for all your battery impedance testing needs:

Megger_BITE-2PThe Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Test Set can assess the health of lead-acid batteries with a power capacity of 2000 Ah.

It not only measures battery impedance but can also evaluate cell voltage, float & ripple currents and interconnection resistance. The BITE 2P meets the specifications outlined in the IEEE 450, 1106 and 1188. This Megger meter also includes the PowerDB LITE software for accurate and comprehensive diagnostics.



Megger_BITE-3The Megger BITE 3 Battery Impedance Test Set is one of the easiest instruments to use.

Its measurements, along with temperature, specific gravity and other battery data, can provide the best basis for evaluating the overall health of batteries from terminal plate to terminal plate and to a lesser extent, the charger (from ripple current and its harmonic content.) Megger recommends that the BITE 3 be made part of a comprehensive battery maintenance program with readings taken and recorded semi-annually for flooded, lead-acid cells and quarterly for VRLA.

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