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Determine the Depth and Route of Buried Cables Easily with the Amprobe AT-3000

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Locating underground cables can be a hassle for most technicians because you need to conduct exploratory digging. This increases the risk of damage to buried cables because usually you do not have any idea how deep to dig and where to safely dig. To help you with this problem, consider using an underground cable locator.

The Amprobe AT-3000 is a reliable and compact cable locator that can help you locate energized and deenergized cables and even pipes. It has the ability to determine the depth and the route of the cable. This eliminates the need for exploratory digging and saves you time and effort.

Product Features

  •        ±10% accuracy in locating cables
  •        Large and clear LCD display
  •        Audio indicator
  •        2 single-wound, four-section symmetrical response search antennas
  •        Manual and semi-automated gain control
  •        Durable polyethylene case that can withstand 1 meter drops
  •        Powered by 8 LR6 batteries
  •        Weighs only 2.2kg
  •        BSEN6120 and NEMA 20-1991  compliant

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