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Detecting Weak Welded Joints with the Raytech Micro Centurion 200A DLRO

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Welded joints are always subjected to mechanical stress putting it at risk of corrosion over time. Faulty joints can cause damage to other equipment and injury to personnel. The best method to test if the joints are getting weak is by using a digital low resistance ohmmeter.

A welded joint can be weakened by rust, chemical corrosion and mechanical stress. A weak joint may look fine on the outside but the inside could already be corroded. A digital low resistance ohmmeter is used to measure the resistance of welded joints to determine its integrity. A weakening joint will increase its resistance as it deteriorates. Detecting these changes will help identify problems even before it gets worse.

The Raytech Miro Centurion 200A is a DLRO with a variable output current of ten amperes to two hundred amperes. It can precisely measure resistances from .01 ohms to five ohms. It also has a built-in thermal printer so you can print the test results after. 

If you need to test welded joints, metal bonds or metal contacts, you can rent a DLRO from ProtecEquipment Resources. We also offer other high voltage test equipment from other leading manufacturers. Contact us for more details on test equipment rental deals.