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Detecting Transformer Damage with Doble Test Equipment

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Without appropriate diagnostic testing, finding damage to power transformers is near impossible until it fails. During use, transformers are subject to damage from faults, short circuiting, age or improper handling during transport. These issues can compromise the mechanical structure of the transformer system, and without early detection, they will cause performance loss all while getting worse over time until the apparatus fails.

One method that has frequently been used is to detank transformers so that techs can visually inspect the system for damage, however, this is a time consuming undertaking that can also be quite costly as well as ineffective in finding all defects. 

A much more cost effective and easier method for evaluating and testing transformers is using systems provided by companies such as Doble test equipment. The Doble M4000, for instance, is capable of performing insulation analysis on high voltage apparatus through measurement of power factor and tangent data as well as capacitance in order to perform accurate assessment on transformer condition. Additionally, the testing unit does not require balancing the bridge so all measurements are automatically recorded for you. This unit also features a patented measurement technique called Line Frequency Modulation that allows for frequency ranges lower and higher than the transformer’s frequency. This patented technology helps to eliminate electrostatic interference during testing.

For Doble and Megger test equipment that measures battery impedance, power factors, dielectric and other high voltage test needs, consider our rental program for short and long term usage. Our friendly support staff is here 24 hours a day to help you choose the right equipment for the job. Give us a call or contact us through the Protec Insider online page for more information.