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Detecting Insulation Faults with an AC Hipot Tester

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AC hipot testers are high voltage test equipment used in testing AC insulation leakage current and breakdown or withstand voltage on high potential alternating current devices. These testers help detect faults on insulation to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

AC hipot testers are indispensable tools in finding insulation problems on high voltage equipment. These testers are suitable for finding faults on cracked or damaged insulation, braided shielding and terminal spacing issues. Faulty insulation can cause serious problems and damage to equipment. Regular testing is done to prevent future problems.

In a hipot test, you need to make sure the current doesn’t flow from one point to another. The current from one conductor should not flow to the other conductor and should be isolated. A high AC voltage is applied to the test device and is slowly increased. There may be a very small amount of current leaking but if the reading suddenly shoots up as you increase the voltage, then the insulator might be faulty and is not well isolated.

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