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Detect Vibration in Rotating Machinery with a Fluke 810 Tester Rental

Fluke 810 Vibration TesterVibration in rotating machinery is simply the back and forth movement or oscillation of a machine and components, such as drive motors, driven devices (pumps, compressors, etc.), and the bearings, shafts, gears, belts and other elements that make up mechanical systems. Vibration itself is not the problem, but excess vibration is a symptom of internal issues, such as bearing failures, imbalance, misalignment and looseness that shorten equipment lifespan.

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The Fluke 810 Vibration Tester can help identify problems before other symptoms occur, including heat, sound, electrical consumption, and lubricant impurities.

While many things can impact the life of a machine, once the first signs of failure appear, a machine generally has only a matter of months before failing completely. Vibration testing with the Fluke 810 provides a way to determine where the machine is on the failure curve and react appropriately.

Diagnose common mechanical problems quickly with the 810 Vibration Tester in three quick steps:

  1. Setup
    The Fluke 810 asks for basic machine information. Its onboard Info Feature provides field tips for setting up and taking measurements.
  2. Measure
    Use the tester to instantly troubleshoot problems or monitor machine conditions.
  3. Diagnose
    With the press of a button, the 810 identifies the root cause, its location, and how severe it is.

The Fluke 810 Vibration Tester features:

  • Analyzes common equipment—like motors, fans and pumps—and determines the root cause and location of mechanical failure
  • Provides an immediate fault severity assessment and repair recommendations
  • Helps technicians: 
         – Quickly understand machinery health 
         – Work more efficiently and effectively
  • Helps managers: 
         – Control downtime by anticipating problems earlier 
         – Eliminate recurring failures by identifying root causes 
         – Bridge skills gap by capturing decades of mechanical experience in one tool

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