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Detect Stator Core Problems with the EL CID Evolution

IrisPower_ELCID-EL-CIDStator cores are made of thin laminations of magnetic steel separated by insulation to prevent axial currents. If lamination shorts occur, the high temperatures that result can burn stator coil insulation and even lead to melting of stator cores.

The Iris Power Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection Test Set (ElCID or EL CID) Evolution operates at only 4% of normal operating flux, generated by its quickly installed excitation kit.

Any imperfections in the core inter-laminar insulation produce fault currents which are detected by a Chattock coil and analyzed by the ELCID Evolution signal processing unit. Measurement results are digitally stored in the PC for analysis and report generation, and faults can be precisely located in the core. Future results can be compared to past results for trend analysis.

The traditional stator core test method known as Ring Flux test uses near-full rated operating flux, which is potentially damaging to the uncooled machine and dangerous to operators, requiring large power cables, high voltages and currents, and often auxiliary generators.

Reduce test outage time and avoid the hazards of the stator core Ring Flux test with ELCID Evolution test.

ELCID Evolution Features:

• Faster test scanning (up to 120mm/sec @60Hz)

• Easier excitation calculations

• Simpler testing with dual Chattocks

• User-friendly LCD display to guide user operation

• Ability to combine step-iron data with main core traces

• “Hot spots” color map display

• Fully compatible with existing data

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