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Detect Relay Problems with the Megger SR-98 Relay Test Set

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Moisture, contamination and other environmental factors can alter the operation of relays. It can corrode the contacts of relays or increase the resistance between it. This can cause the contacts to heat up and eventually fail. A relay test set is a testing tool where it simulates the operating voltages and currents of relays. This is to test if a relay will work according to its specifications.

Corroded and contaminated contacts cause significant power losses in a system and excess heat in the contacts. These problems can add to your operating expenses. A test set helps detects operating problems of a relay.

A widely used test set is the Megger SR-98. It has the latest digital signal processor and microprocessor which makes it a powerful and reliable testing tool. It has the capability to generate second, third and fifth harmonic currents for testing differential relays. It is a multi-purpose diagnostic tool that can measure voltage, current, phase angle, power, reactive power and also power factor. 

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