Detect Insulation Problems Early with the DELTA-2000 Megger Insulation Power Factor Test Set

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Power factor testing helps determine the insulation condition of transformers, bushings, cables and circuit breakers. A high power factor can cause power losses and additional costs. Detecting faults early can prevent delays because of unexpected repairs.

The DELTA-2000 Megger insulation power factor test set is a tool used to detect insulation faults in different electrical components. It is fully automatic and has a maximum output test voltage of 10 kiloVolts. It has a built-in interference suppresion circuit to ensure that electrical noise will not interfere with the test results. It also has an open-ground detection system to ensure that the test sample is properly grounded before starting the procedure to prevent inaccurate results. Its internal memory can store 127 test results that can be retrieved for future reference. The results are displayed on its LCD display or you can print it using its internal thermal printer. Aside from power factor testing, this tool can also be used to measure a transformer’s excitation currrent. This makes it a versatile diagnostic tool for electricians.