Detect Hidden Transformer Faults Easily with Doble M5400

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In the past when needing to see inside transformers, you might have experienced the timely and costly process of detanking. Now with the Doble M5400 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer those days are over, and hidden transformer faults can be detected using this transforming technology.

With the ability to find hidden mechanical failure issues, short circuits, stress and transportation, the M5400 can increase performance, reduce costly maintenance and extend the life of your transformers. Using Sweep Frequency Response Analysis, this Doble can accurately measure the interior of the transformer. It sends a signal into the unit and measures the return across broad frequencies. When compared to the initial baseline or results from similar systems, techs can find deviations and discover hidden mechanical issues. What this means to you is this testing system will diagnose problems before they occur and prevent equipment failure to help you take control.

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