Detect Ground Leakage Current with the AEMC 2610

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Earth connections have an important role in an electrical system. They shunt dangerous currents when the insulation breaks down to reduce electrical hazards. However, when an earth connection is bypassing dangerous currents to the ground, it should be corrected immediately because this results to inefficient operation and loads down your system. This increases wasted power resulting to higher electric bills.

If you need a tester that can help detect ground leakage currents, you might want to check out the AEMC 2610 Ground Fault Detector. It has a very sensitive probe that can measure currents as low as 500 microAmperes AC. This tool also doubles as a high current Ammeter and can measure continuous currents of up to 200 Amperes and peak currents of up to 400 Amperes. It also has a 3.9 inch jaw so you can clamp it on thick or multiple cables. This versatile tool makes it a good addition to your 
electrical test equipment.

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