Detect Core and Winding Problems with the Doble M5400

A sweep frequency response analyzer lets you diagnose the internal condition of a transformer by injecting an excitation signal and analyzing the spectrum bounced back by the windings. This is a more efficient way of detecting core and winding problems.

Doble_M5400One of the most popular test sets used is the Doble M5400 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer. It has an output voltage of 20 Volts peak-to-peak at 50 Ohms output impedance. The Doble M5400’s input circuitry can analyze difference, cross-relation and sub-band at frequencies from 10 Hertz to 25 MegaHertz. This bandwidth is more than sufficient in analyzing common problems in transformers. The Doble M5400 also features a sampling rate of 100 MS/s with a dynamic range of >90 dB.

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