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Detect Cable Problems in Large Network Installations with a Cable Fault Locator

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Network failures caused by damaged cable installations can be difficult to test. Most cable testers only test the continuity of data cables. However, replacing data cables several kilometers long can be expensive and time-consuming.

WAN or wide area networks have several data cables interconnected by network switches. Cable failures can result to data loss or loss of connectivity. Physical damage or premature aging are some of the common causes of cable faults. Replacing the cables and not addressing the source of damage can result to a repeat failure. For example, if there’s a water leak in a certain part of the installation, replacing the cable and not correcting the water leak will cause the new cable to be soaked again in water. This results to moisture forming in the inner layers of the cable. To spot cable problems in long cables, consider investing in a time domain reflectometer. This 
cable fault locator can determine the exact location of the problem. Allowing you to check the source of the fault.

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