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Depend on the AEMC 6250 Micro-Ohmmeter for Precise Low-Resistance Measurements

The installation & maintenance of power cables, switchgear & voltage tap changers requires that cable joints and switch contacts be at the lowest possible resistance to avoid the joint or contact from becoming excessively hot, a poor cable joint or switch contact will soon fail due to this heating effect.

Routine preventative maintenance with regular resistance checks ensures the best possible life performances.

aemc_6250The AEMC 6250 Micro-Ohmmeter measures resistance with accuracy as precise as 0.05% of the reading. When the temperature compensation function on the AEMC 6250 Micro-Ohmmeter is engaged, resistance measurements are adjusted to compensate for the temperature of the testing environment and of the device under test to provide truer readings.

A four-input, manual-ranging meter with seven test current/resistance range, the AEMC 6250 Micro-Ohmmeter offers precise, low-resistance measurements from 0.1 microohm (μΩ) to 2,500 ohms (Ω) of inductive samples such as coils, transformers, and motor windings and resistive samples (ground bonding, coatings, and contact resistances).

The AEMC 6250 Micro-Ohmmeter has three test modes: inductive for a continuous test, resistive for an instantaneous test, and auto for multiple instantaneous tests. Four-input terminals enable Kelvin-type, four-wire resistance measurements, which are more accurate than two-wire resistance measurements.

AEMC 6250 Micro-Ohmmeter specifications:
















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