Defining Moments in Customer Service

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Last week was one of those moments, and like most, it came at an unexpected time and it was a scenario that could not be planned for.  

It was about 10:00am on a Thursday and I received a call from someone that my company had never done business with before saying that they were in Chicago to commission a new data center downtown and they were at a standstill because the Fluke power quality meter that they were using malfunctioned.

In the electrical testing business equipment fails, it is part of life.  But that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.  This caller was frustrated because he was from out of town to manage the commissioning, he was working against a firm deadline, and things were not looking good.  Not only that, but he was almost resigned to the fact that  he would have to pay people to sit idle, the commissioning would be pushed back by a day, and there was no chance that they could be up and running again until the next day.

Fortunately he talked to someone that I do business with and they referred him to me.  I talked to him and explained that we had a variety of power quality analyzers available for rent.  Whether he wanted a Hioki power meter, a Dranetz power quality analyzer, or another Fluke power quality meter I could help him.  Not only could I help, but I could leave for the jobsite immediately and have him up and running in no time.  

No talk about pricing, no talk about contracts and liabilities, or delivery costs, just a singular focus upon helping him get his job done.

I would love to tell you I loaded a couple of power quality analyzers in my truck and was downtown in 15 minutes, but that isn’t reality.  It took about 30 minutes to get downtown and about 45 minutes to find a place to park!  We then met, evaluated the problem, got the new meter set up, monitored results for a period of time, and they were up and running!

This week we cleaned up the paperwork and details associated with setting up a new customer, but it felt really good.  We opened this office to make our services and products more accessible to customers, and this was validation of that effort.  Our customer is happy, his customer is happy, and we had the opportunity to show him what service means to Protec Equipment Resources.

If you ever have a situation in which you need equipment at the last moment (or after the last moment) call us and see what we can do for you.