Cut Down Electrical Losses with a Fluke Power Quality Analyzer

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Switched-mode power supplies, electronic starters, printers and refrigerators are examples of non-linear loads which draw current that are non-sinusoidal. They can distort the power line voltage and create harmonics. Power quality analyzers helps in measuring the amount of harmonics and voltage variations in an electrical system. This helps in calculating the proper amount of power line conditioning.

Harmonics can cause serious damage to other electrical devices, especially to circuit breakers, fuses and transformers. They can cause a circuit breaker to trip prematurely and a transformer to overheat. Irregularities in the power line can also cause utility meters to register wrong readings. It can cause a high reading and increase power losses in your system, increasing your electric bill.

A popular analyzer is the Fluke 43B power quality analyzer. It is a single phase analyzer with a built-in multimeter and scope. It monitors trends for voltage, harmonics, frequency, current, sags, power inrush and transients. This analyzer is very portable and it has a NiMH battery for extended operating time of up to 6.5 hours. It can measure resistance, capacitance, continuity and diode voltage drop.

The Fluke power quality analyzer is a very versatile tester. If you need to rent one, consider renting it from Protec Equipment Resources. Contact us for more details on test equipment rental options.