Customized Relay Testing with the EuroSMC Mentor 12 Relay Test Set

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You can prevent serious problems in your electrical system if your relays are well maintained. If you are looking for an advanced and reliable relay tester, you might want to check out the EuroSMC Mentor 12.

The Mentor 12 is a 
relay test set that has an advanced design. It offers flexible relay testing through its extensive choices of 12 output power channel configurations which allows it to test most relay types. Whether an electromechanical one or a digital one, this tester can evaluate its function easily. It has a powerful yet easy-to-use manual control panel that allows you to determine the test results within seconds. It has a Windows CE computer that controls the system and gives it various testing options. You can upgrade its software to cope up with the changes on relay systems. Its 800×600 screen offers easy readability of test results. It is touch sensitive and doubles as a control panel to reduce button clutter. You also have the option to attach additional hardware to expand its testing capabilities.

The Mentor 12 is a great investment you should consider. Evaluate how it performs by renting one from Protec Equipment Resources. You’ll also get excellent technical support from our equipment experts when you lease equipment from us. Contact a Protec representative today to request for a rental quote on the Mentor 12.