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Correcting Power Line Distortion to Prevent the Bad Effects Of Poor Power Quality

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A power line full of transients and spikes can corrupt the data flowing in digital electronics which can make it malfunction. Most modern electronics today have a special circuitry that suppresses power line noise to help the device operate properly. However, you should still condition your power line to reduce power transients because not all devices have suppression circuitry.

Most devices have line filters to reject power line noise which can affect the operation of the device. However, the power line filter is effective only in reducing spikes and EMI. Voltage drops, deviations and harmonics are not fully corrected by the filter. Analyzing the power quality can greatly help correct the distortion that is present in the electrical system. You should consider investing in
power quality analyzers so you can regularly check the power quality of your system. If you plan to get one, you might want to check out Dranetz or Hioki power quality analyzers. The analyzers these brands offer are portable and have advanced features to make testing and power analysis easy.

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